Sunday, 24 October 2010

October 24, 2010 Releases and News

Hey guys! Project Bite Me! Scanlations here with a list of the stuff we released today:

Barihaken Volume 1 Chapter 6
Ganbare Genki! Volume 1 Chapter 2
Hokuto no Ken Volume 8 Chapter 2
Ibitsu Chapter 2
Shonan Junai Gumi Volume 17, Chapter 144 (Thanks to S Jump Forum for translations!)
Ashita no Joe Volume 6 Chapter 60 (When Hox approves.)

Also, concerning Blade of the Immortal. Apparently, we weren't allowed to use those translations. I was scolded at by the translator, but I managed to find a way to calm him down and come to a compromise. We will continue to work on BOTI at about 2 chapters a month, unless something should occur. Anyways, enjoy this weeks releases, as always!


  1. Thanks alot for the scans. Hopefully Ibitsu 3 comes soon, I hate cliffhangers.

  2. Thanks so much for continuing Ibitsu. I've had that first chapter stuck in my head for a year. And you'll really win me over if we get another chapter before a year has passed. Poor soon-to-be-deceased imouto-chan!

  3. Thanks for picking up Ibitsu!

  4. Lovin Barihaken!

  5. I thought Nagashiwa was a female.

  6. Ibitsu will be continued, just so you all know and it should be done in possibly, 2 months or less, maybe.

    Barihaken will continue at a weekly rate. As for BOTI's translator's gender, I don't know or care to be honest. I'm just happy they're willing to work with us.