Sunday, 12 December 2010

We Need New People!

Hey guys, we've got a bunch for you this week:

Alyosha Chapter 7
Academy of Ninjas Volume 2 Chapter 6
Hanza Sky Chapter 4
Ibitsu Volume 2 Chapter 9
Ocha Nigosu Volume 4 Chapter 33
Shonan Junaigumi Volume 17 Chapter 147

Also, we need help guys! We would like to ask all of the people who read the mangas we provide if they could help us in any of the following areas:
Translating (Japanese to English/Spanish, Chinese to English/Spanish, Korean to English/Spanish, Vietnamese to English/Spanish)
Cleaners for Magazine Scans
Artist for logo, signatures, etc.

We have all of the series we're working on and MORE we want to translate/need more translators! Take a look at the complete list:

1-2 no Sanshirou
Big Tits Dragon
Devilman Lady
Dororon Enma-kun
Ganbare Genki
Iyahaya Nantomo
Kotaro Makaritoru!
Koutetsu no Hanappashira
Meimon! The Third Baseball Club
Ocha Nigosu (A bad boy drinks tea!)
Shingetsutan Tsukihime
Shin Mao Dante
Violence Jack
Wolf Guy (Original)

These are just some, we have plenty of others for just about every genre, but there are too many to list to be honest. Also, the translations would be useless if we didn't have anyone who could typeset it. We currently have only 6 typesetters, but 4 of those typesetters usually are very busy, leaving the work to the other 2 and myself (and I'm really MEH at typesetting). So if any of you are typesetters and have some spare time, it'd be great if you could help us out, even if it's just for one chapter.

For cleaning, we have a few mangas where we need to use magazine raws for, and not gonna lie, they are atrocious. So, we need any cleaners who can clean magazine raws so that they could (possibly) look like they came from a tankobon.

Alright, as for the Coloring and Artist position. As you have noticed, this month's Alyosha Cover was colored by Elagabalus. We would LOVE to have some more people that could color like this (or as best as they can). It makes mangas look a bit more exciting, so if you're interested, join us. The artist position is mostly for someone who is willing to draw for us, we have a lot of things we want drawn, for example a Logo (Red Hawk has one, why not us?), and a banner for the blog. Just some things that'll make our site, the credit pages and possibly even the manga themselves more fun to read.

Anyways, that's all of my ranting for this week. If you're at all interested in helping us, post a comment or send an email. Downloads are at the download section as always. We'll see you guys next week with MORE releases!


  1. Thanks for the chapters

  2. thanks for the releases,especially for shonan junai gumi.I' aorry that I can't help you with chapters,at this moment,I don't have computer at home

  3. Thanks for the chapters. That Ibitsu is just friggin' weird, but so good.

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  5. I'd like to help with cleaning and typesetting if I can. :) For cleaning, I only know the basics, like rotating, cropping, leveling, resizing and some little cloning tecniques. I can also do some typesetting, but can't do anything complicated, like replacing the SFXs (the ones where you have to redraw, I'm artistically challenged, so yeah. XD), but for SFXs in bubbles, I can manage. :) Just let me know if you need my help. I'll gladly take on your offer. :)

    sorry. accidentally pushed the delete button for my earlier post. hahaha:D reposting.

  6. Thanks alot for the recent Ocha nigosu!!!!!
    You Guys Rock!!!!

  7. Hi, I´m from spain, and I want help you with Ashita no Joe Typpeseting. We are starting this manga in spanish and I want help you with the type.
    contact with me here:

  8. Thanks for the new ocha nigosu chapter :)

  9. Thank you guys for the chapters :), especially for hanza sky - love it

  10. BTW, you can reach me at

    sorry, forgot to put in my contact info. hahaha:)) i really don't know what's gotten into me.

  11. For all of those who want to help, go to the download sections and download the appropriate test you need to get and email it to me at

    Thank you.


  12. Hi, I downloaded the typesetting test and looked at the instructions.. Just a question: do we have to put the exact words in the bubbles? I've noticed that the conversation doesn't make too much sense for some of the pages. Do we have to typset them into understandable dialogue, or just leave it as is? Thanks. :)

  13. @Janille:

    I recently joined PBM, and when I took the test all I did was copy and paste the dialogue without changing it. Obviously when you're doing actual work you should keep an eye out for spelling and grammatical errors, but for the test all that really matters is that you typeset properly.

  14. @Nethandle: Thanks for the tip. I really didn't know if I should just copy paste them or make them intellegible. Will do the test now. :D

  15. for ocha nigosu - once again thanks a bunch, you're great!