Sunday, 13 February 2011

More manga as always and we take the week off.

Hey guys, Yazawa here, we have some manga for you:

The Academy of Ninjas Volume 3 Chapter 14
Blazing Transfer Student Volume 1 Chapter 7
Chameleon Volume 1 Chapter 4 (THE LONG AWAITED RETURN/Later Tonight)
Dororon Enma-kun Volume 1 Chapter 5

Here's the poll results:

Are you enjoying the quality of our scanlations?

1. Yeah, they're great! 203
2. Yeah, they're alright. 73
3. I don't really care, just give me more manga to read! 28
4. Eh, hit or miss 11
5. Kinda, you guys could improve... 6
6. Atrocious, why do you guys even bother? 1
Total Votes: 322

Also, next week the 20th, we're taking a week off so don't expect any manga. If you're wondering why it's for MAHVEL BABY. So get hype and we'll see you guys on the 27th most likely! - Yazawa

EDIT: Chameleon is up.


  1. It's good to see that Yipes has fans outside of the fighting game community. Dat curleh mustache.

  2. Worst excuse to take a week off ever.

  3. ^ I agree, now Dissidia 012, 3rd Birthday & Yakuza 4 are all gonna be so much better reasons to shut your self off from the world for a week~

  4. And dont forget kenshin saisen for psp, hehe, anyway, Thor rocks in MVC3!