Sunday, 13 March 2011

The Slowest Week Ever...

Hey guys, we don't have much this week, mostly because most of us were pretty busy this week. Yet, we still have at least once release for you guys, and that is Violence Jack Chapter 12. Jack actually shows up in this too!

Also the poll results:

Do you like Tsunderes?:
Yes 230 (78%)
No 64 (21%)

Nice to know most of you guys like tsunderes. Anyways, enjoy this weeks release!


  1. Nice, Violence Jack has been on my mind a lot over the last couple of days. Bet you can't possibly guess why.

    Either way, thanks for continuing to do superior translations for nothing other than dudes across computers giving you digital high-fives.

    Out of curiosity, aren't there an ungodly number of volumes to Violence Jack? I checked Wikipedia and the first run had 7 and the second had 32 or something. I'm going to assume that you guys are working through the first volume of the initial run, yeah? Asinine questions about manga length are kind of my thing, apparently.

  2. There's 18 volumes of Violence Jack. Which were initially something like 42 regular-sized volumes (approximately 200 pages) condensed into 18 volumes (approximately 500 pages).

    PS: Yazawa, you suck.

    1. Hello, you know where I can find the 18 volumes of the manga?