Monday, 2 May 2011

It's like we're really Shounen Sunday!

We got:

The Academy of Ninjas Volume 3 Chapter 16
Blazing Transfer Student Volume 3 Chapter 21-22
Cool Shock BT Volume 1 Chapter 3
Hanza Sky Chapter 14 (Next week because I can)

Also my TL just translated a whole bunch of Ganbare Genki so be expecting a lot of Genki in the next few weeks. Also finally got the last chapter of Volume 4 for Ocha Nigosu. After we do that, I will have the translator for it (Kuma-kun) focus on Barihaken until we completely finish it. Sorry we were kinda slow this week, but I read KKOW all the way to the end and let's just say it was too much for me to handle. Too lazy to upload manga pages, but here, have some fan art.


EDIT: Uploaded BTS 22 instead of Hanza 14, people complaining too much made me not want to work on it. Cool Shock BT 3 is up as well. Enjoy.


  1. did you forgot it wasn't 1st of april today?(in regards to hanza sky ch14)

  2. You do know I wasn't even the one who tricked you guys on april 1st, right? That was the rest of the group.

    Anyways, this isn't a joke, it's the real chapter 14.

  3. why is that ch still left up there?

  4. well it's not april fools anymore and that ch is an april fools prank, so obviously it causes problems on release day for the real ch.
    I check manga updates for new releases of my fav manga and since they made sure to crack down and prevent fake releases on aprils fools any user of theres would avoid such things unless they went out of there way to find it.
    So unless I'm mistaken and your actual intention is to drive away users interested in what the blog says and instead just attract leechers then I'd think this would be reason enough to remove such pranks after the day is over?

  5. It sure is butthurt in here.

  6. Wow lol u ask why not so I give a well thought out answer and ur response is to delay release cos it stepped on some nerves, if you can't handle negative comments in regards to a vulgar prank I'd suggest avoiding such things in the future if the response gets to you so.

    Also before anybody can accuse me of being homophobic I have a gay brother who I have no problem with.

  7. Excuse me while I impale my own lungs to stop laughing.

    You misinformed brats completely mistake the goals of manga translation projects.

    Our agenda isn't to tickle your bellies and hand you manga when you please. It's to bring something that would normally be forgotten in an abyss of a failing market's content to the non-Japanese fluent world.

    The minute you decide its somehow our obligation to release when you want is the minute the entire staff throw up in your face.

    To be direct, these manga translations aren't done for you. They're done for the manga themselves. If that upsets you, then too bad. You aren't the center of the goddamn universe, much less the internet.

  8. Don't mind the faggots around here. Especially if they're serbian...

  9. Just love how u assume I'm a kid so that it can fit perfectly into your immaturity.

    I never once demanded the manga ch be released or indicated like u put it that ur group was out to serve us.

    If u had clearly read what I said, u would of noticed it was a complaint to why the vulgar prank was still up and then my response to the actions ur group or 1 person took due to being confronted over the prank.

    So excuse me for not fitting into the sterotype image of a leecher which would make ur point actually valid.

    Seems I have to clearly state this just so there can be no further confusion on ur part.

    I started out pointing out you had still left up the yaoi ch.

    Then asked why it was still up there considering april fools had pasted.

    Replied to the question why not with 3 clear reasons.

    By this point I notice due to this simple convo 1 or all of u decide not to release the real ch

    At this point I lose all remaining respect for ur group, not because you didn't release a ch of a manga I like but more cos u would use that as a threat/punishment for confronting u.

    It's as I start in my 4th post, if ur not mature enough to handle simple questions or critcism then it's best to avoid such vulgar pranks cos the internet is vast and there will always be a fair share of users whom aren't amused.

    This would in turn create future conflicts which if this incident is anything to go by, it shows ur clearly not able to handle.

  10. It's as I stated* in my 4th post

  11. Umm you seem to have misunderstood something by thinking your opinion and anything you said would actually matters to us releasing something... The reason there was no hanza this week is cause I never managed to finish it, mainly due to the fact I was out of commision with how sick I'm feeling at the moment.

  12. "EDIT: Uploaded BTS 22 instead of Hanza 14, people complaining too much made me not want to work on it. Cool Shock BT 3 is up as well. Enjoy."

    This would seem to indicate otherwise.

  13. To the illiterate and belligerent individual continuing to unnecessarily complain:

    You aren't the person I'm talking to.

    Brats is plural. There's an s. I am addressing multiple persons.

    You are simply one of many cancerous hooligans who think you're a customer to a business. That we have some kind of obligation to bend over to your demands and that your opinions matter.

    We have no obligations and you're opinions don't matter one bit. We aren't going to stop what we are doing simply because you don't enjoy it. It's your choice whether or not to read the manga we release. Whether its a serious job or we're having a laugh. If you don't appreciate that, then we don't want you here. We don't want to hear your voice or read your text.

    It's all worthless.

  14. It surprises me just how much of a contradiction u r stealth, to start with u say I'm illiterate and belligerent yet you failed to grasp what I wrote and you were the 1 who started out at least passive aggressive.

    By this I mean if you notice what I wrote at the start it was simply to point out the april fools file was still up followed by asking why it still was considered the real ch was being released.

    Then ofc I see the edit to that post which strongy indicates opposite to what Soruan said which is that u or ur group can't handle anything but adoration and it's at this point that the core of the convo changes.

    It also seems like u can't help but exaggerate the simplest of things like me asking why the fake ch was still up is me now making demands and I suddernly become the scourge of the universe.

    To finish this off I'll point out the fact that tho u say u care not for mine or others opinions ur site is open for everybody to come view and comment on when it could otherwise not be, so be it coincidence or not what u say and what is right in front of us contradict.

    Heck when I 1st posted my comment I expected an answer along the lines of u guys forgetting that file was still up and that it would be going down anyway when the real ch goes up.

  15. My face when this guy.

    You just don't get anything. That's all there is to discuss.

    I'll leave you to wallow in your own self-depredation and bullshit.