Sunday, 22 May 2011


Too lazy to find a picture, instead listen to what I've been listening to all night...

This week we gott:

Dororon Enma-kun Volume 1 Chapter 9

That's all we have this week, although I guess I should take the time to say some news:

First off thanks for all the positive (and negative) responses we got for JoJolion. It was enough to get us plenty of new people to help us with it that we have decided to do it monthly from now on. We know we made some mistakes with the dialogue, but we hope to improve on those. On top of that we will also be doing tankoubon versions for you guys who love HQ releases.

We are also going to continue with Barihaken this summer as we attempt to finish the series. I also got a new translator for Ocha Nigosu who will continue at the rate of 1-2 chapters a week. I assume we'll finish 2 volumes of Ocha this summer, hopefully. Also, Cool Shock BT will continue and will be finished by the end of June most likely and then I'll move on to Gorgeous Irene, which includes the first ever One Shot Araki did which is what he used to base Steel Ball Run on. (From what I've heard.)

For those of you wondering what happened to Violence Jack and Gekiman, here's the dealio. Gekiman was something I wanted to do quickly and my translator thought it looked awesome from the cover. Sadly we judged the manga from the cover... the text was vague and boring and it was a strain to translate. Add that with a typesetter my translator couldn't agree with and you have a train wreck. So for now we are putting Gekiman on hold. Violence Jack is also going on hold. Why? Because the main editor for it has disappeared and I haven't been able to find a replacement yet. However, instead of Jack, my translator is going to be doing all of Ganbare Genki.

Lastly, we are beginning on our fourth volume of the Academy of Ninjas here soon. I'd just like to thank my translator Grimm for doing such a great job on it. Very soon, I know we will probably finish it. After the Academy of Ninjas is done, I have decided to have Grimm work on Gegege no Kitarou, so I hope you guys look forward to it.


P.S. We're going on break next week so remember NO RELEASES NEXT SUNDAY.


  1. Great! Like i've always said - whatever manga you decide to do it'll be awesome!

    Ow so you usually release on Sunday, haven't noticed that...

  2. >my JoJolion translation

    >Jojo fanbase
    >whining about everything that isn't exactly how they want it

  3. Where's Kaiji?

  4. Quit asking. The question's already been answered several times.

    Releases come out when they come out.

  5. How about you give a shout out to someone other than the translators. Cleaners and Typesetters have feelings too.

  6. Translators are rare and can't exactly be trained. Translators that can actually do their job right and not just move everything from Japanese to English word for word are even more difficult to come across.

    You can turn the dumbest lunkhead into a cleaner or typesetter with enough training. Hell, the tutorials you can find online are designed specifically for that.

    Ultimately, we are more appreciative to our translators for the job they do using their unique talents. Cleaners and typesetters are just as important, but are easily replaced, located, and trained. That being said, most of the names in the JoJolion special thanks were cleaners/typesetters. I was the only translator mentioned.

    Hopefully my bluntly obvious answer is understandable.

  7. I'm a fucking idiot! Simplify it!