Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Happy Late Birthday!

Yazawa trying to find Proofreaders for the group
Today's releases:

Ganbare Genki Volume 02 Chapters 19 and 20
Katte na Yatsura(One Shot for Urusei Yatsura.)
Violence Jack Volume 01 Chapter 15

Hey guys, Yazawa here! I am just posting this to announce our 1 year mark...! It was actually yesterday, but things happened and I couldn't make the post. Anyways, we're finally 1 year old and I have so many people to thank: 

Shizuka Joestar:
I have to thank you for always being there when I need someone to talk with about stuff and also being the best Jojo's Bro I know!

I know we haven't talked much as of recently, but I like your spunky attitude. While I'd usually complain you should do more work, having you around isn't too bad.

Stealth Momo:
Where the fuck do I begin? I guess I owe you thanks for being my first translator and the only translator to actually stick with us through the entire year. You've worked on so much shit for me I lost count, and every TL you've done is a master piece, fuck the haters. Anyways, I hope I can keep working with you since you're one of the best bros I have, even on the days where you can be a major asshat, I still can't help but smile when I read your scripts.

Mahjong Whore Ange:
I have to thank you for introducing me to Momo and being a great cleaner. Even when you don't want to work on shit, you're a pretty cool guy to talk to, and you also have awesome hair and we'll always love you for that.

I thank you for also talking with me and helping me sort out problems when I needed it and being a great typesetter. Although you say you're not a big manga fan, I appreciate you took time out of your days to come help us.

Although you're not on the group chat much, I got to say you're one of the most dependable and adorable members of the group. Also your explanations of plants always leaves everyone in awe and interest!

You're my hipster bro, since we both have obscure tastes in manga and we both hate the majority of shounen series currently in serialization. I owe you some major thanks for putting up with my shit the most, I know I can be pretty incompetent at times so thanks for not biting my head off for it. I can't wait to work with you more on BTS and Gareki and maybe other shit in the future.

Man you're also one of the people who has been both on and off with the group, but in the end you're always a great member to have. I appreciate you actually buying manga and scanning them for us to use as raws! You're also a dependable guy I can count on when I need something done and I can't wait to work with you more. 

Although you're the new guy, you're a really energetic guy and I like that. Your typesetting could use some work, but hopefully if you stick with us, we'll work all the kinks out!

After getting to know you the last month or so, I can say you and I have a lot in common. You're a bro in my book and no matter what you end up doing, I'm pretty sure you'll still have time to help us, and I appreciate that.

Although you're a newbie translator, I really do appreciate your efforts in trying to TL. You still have a long way to go, but hopefully with us we'll set you on the right path.

I don't know you too well, but I owe you a huge thanks for translating all the way to Hanza Sky 30!

Radical Dreamer:
Our newest TL, I owe you thanks for being so fast with Ocha. You still need some work with how you form sentences, but you're getting there!

Dynamic Pro Scans and /m/subs:
I have to thank you guys because you guys are amazing bros!

I thank you, for translating all this araki stuff as well as working on Gegege. Also you working on older Tezuka mangas makes me happy to know there's a fellow scan group who appreciates older manga.

Thanks for letting our group temporarily work on Joe a bit, and I hope you can continue to work some more on it too. During the time we helped, you also gave us some pointers which I appreciated. Also, major props for TLing punpun, that manga is like crack to me man.

Thanks so much for helping us clean Ocha Nigosu and also the Urusei Yatsura oneshot on such short notice! You're a great help and I hope you can continue to help us and your group!

Nerieru Scans:
You were one of the first groups I've ever worked with(when I was using a different handle) and thanks to you guys I was motivated enough to start learning to scanlate! One Year later and here I am, leading a group.

and lastly, I have to thank /a/:

Thanks to /a/, I actually got motivated to start a group, originally wanting to scanlate Chameleon, but then I started with Hokuto no Ken instead. After I finished that, I decided I wanted to be an old school manga group and now we have plenty of projects from the past!

Anyways, with that out of the way, I have to announce we're ready for two new projects. The first being Gegege no Kitarou:
This is just to show we're getting scans of it and soon will have a TL too.

Secondly, we're jointing with Baryonic Blowout to bring you King Golf!

Lastly, the last part of my rant is that we will be gone for two weeks. Most of us are using those two weeks to relax, or start getting ready for school again. We may release a few things here and there(like King Golf, for example) during the two weeks, but besides that, don't expect much.

Thanks, that's all I wanted to get out! I hope to see you guys again in two weeks!



  1. Love you too Yazawa (no homo, only bromo).

  2. Happy anniversary!

    What can i say? For me you're one of the best groups! And you release very fast and your selection of manga is what makes this group so good.


  3. P.S. Now gou and take that rest biatchez! :P

  4. Thank you very much for genki double ration, guys!

  5. Jack was just about to rape them asses.

    I'm curious how will the manga depict the events that we saw in that Jack Slumtown Ova.

  6. I'm fairly confident the OVAs have almost nothing to do with the original manga's story.

  7. Thanks for the kind words. Happy Anniversary.

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  9. Wow, 1 year! Time Sure passes fast! Happy Anniversary, guys! You're one of my favorite scanlation groups out there, because you do these older manga that no one gives a shit about them! Thank you very much for all the work you guys did until now!

    I can't Wait for Gegege no Kitarou, i've wanting to read it ages ago, and finnaly, someone is going to release it in english! You guys are an example!

  10. I only found out about you guys scanlating Violence Jack yesterday, which made my day. And not only because I'm the guy who scanned this manga over the course of 6 months a couple years ago precisely in the hope that it'd maybe get picked up by a group some day.

    My impatience has led me to commission translations of various stand-alone chapters over the years. In total they account for about 900 pages of the 9000 page manga. Are you going to re-translate those chapters or are you going to incorporate the existing scanlations into your project? You'd certainly have my blessing for using them and it'd probably speed things up.

    @StealthMomo: The Har(l)em Bomber OVA was not based on any chapter of the Violence Jack manga but the Hell's Wind OVA and the Evil Town OVA were both based on chapters of the manga. These are two of the four chapters that I commissioned translations of so whoever wants to compare the original manga to the OVA adaptations can already do so.

    Hell's Wind begins with page 268 in volume 2 of the 18 volume edition I scanned. Evil Town begins with page 298 of volume 4 and ends with page 156 of volume 5.

  11. Wow did someone just delete my comment?

  12. We've already decided we're going to redo those arcs of Jack because we want to. If you are really the scanner of jack, may I ask if you still have the pages and if so, can you make bigger scans for 'em? The current ones we have are good for translating, but bigger ones would be great for editing.

    Besides that, thanks for scanning it in the first place.

  13. I no longer have the actual pages but I could definitely send you my scans in their original resolution. I resized them considerably before putting them online because I quickly learned that your average RAW downloader in 2003/2004 wasn't interested in wasting 350-500 megabytes of bandwidth for a single volume. Resolution of those original scans is 1180 x 1760 JPEG. Do you want me to put the original scans on megaupload and post the links here or do you have an FTP where I could upload them directly? Send me an email at gurotaku@gmail.com and we'll work out the details.

  14. Thanks for all the hard work, Yazawa Banchou-sama!
    You're definitely an awesome bro and you provided me not only with tons of free manga to read but an outlet for translating, which I really like doing. Hope to put out many more manga chapters with you.


  15. Happy anniversary. Thanks for your hard work. I can't w8 to read Jack.

  16. Happy birthday guys. I really appreciate the old titles that you do.