Sunday, 18 March 2012

They set us up the bomb

Took forever to finish this one shot.
Finally, after a loooooooong ass time, here's the second Araki one shot found in Gorgeous Irene:

Gorgeous Irene Volume 01 One Shot 02(Meet Virginia)

With this, everything done by Araki before Jojo's has been scanlated/been made available in English, except for one other One Shot I can't find ANYWHERE. Enjoy guys.

P.S.: If anyone can find the fourth one shot Araki did before/during Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, please contact me so we can get it scanlated!



  1. Thanks! I've been looking forward to this for a while! As for finding the last one-shot, the only thing I can offer is to buy the Irene tankobon that has it. I think it's a colored cover with a green background.

  2. Please start scanlating king golf again

  3. How about Jojolion, how is it going?