Friday, 10 August 2012

Disregard sleep, release ninjas.

Sorry for being slow, here's your loveable ninjas, Transfer Student not included.

Here you go guys:

The Academy of Ninjas Volume 05 Complete
The Academy of Ninjas Volume 06 Chapter 32
Blazing Transfer Student Volume 04 Chapter 36

Shit is about to get REAL in the Academy of Ninjas. However this is sadly the last chapter of Blazing Transfer Student I have with a translation! If you guys want me to continue Blazing Transfer Student, PLEASE HELP ME FIND A TRANSLATOR. I've literally tried everywhere I know, but no one seems to really want to work on it, and although I hate it, I think I'd take a joint at this point(except not with certain groups who shall not be named). See you guys soon with more manga hopefully.



  1. Groups? You mean like Hokuto no faggots???

    Thanks for these releases :)

  2. Thanks for your work.

    I have noticed that Academy of Ninjas is not uploaded to Batoto anymore, was there some kind of problem?

  3. Not that I know? I didn't tell them they couldn't upload it, maybe they're just being lazy? I honestly have no idea.

  4. Please, dont keep up with Genki.


  5. How bout jointing with Hokuto No Gun? They got systematic chaos, translates like a maniac, finished like 2-5 volumes a week, perhaps a day!

  6. Hokuto no Gun is an awful group that release machine code scripts and have pisspoor editing skills. We have no intention of ever working with them.