Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Future Plans

Momo after being asked where Hanza Sky is for the 105th time.

Since people keep asking, and we don't really give 「great」 answers, I figured its time for a project status update post.


Ganbare Genki - The plan with Genki is to release at least one chapter every month until my plate isn't full anymore. Likely, once Cromartie is done with, Genki will be my main focus.

Academy of Ninjas - Nearly completed (3 chapters left to translate as of this post), the final chapters will be all released at once.

Crimsons - Final chapter will be released in November. Once Yazawa follows through on his promise to buy volume 2, we will resume work on the River Side Story Gaidens and volume extras at least up to volume 3.

Ramen Angels ~Pretty Menma~ - The translation has been done for this for at least a year now. I dunno what the holdup is anymore. Soruan appears to be focusing on translating instead of cleaning/typesetting it.

Bishounen de Meitantei de Doesu - No RAWs available. I'd love to keep working on this, but no such luck. Anybody with RAWs please e-mail at 


Wonder 3 - The third volume needs to be finished. Yazawa demands justice. Will be my next focus project after Academy of Ninjas is completed.

Ocha Nigosu - Future planned focus project after Wonder 3. Will be working on it through until completion after Wonder 3.

Cromartie High School - Likely will be my focus after Ocha unless another group handles it.

Chameleon - We have RAWs, I just need my plate empty to give it full focus.

Violence Jack - Up in the air at the time being.


King Golf - Steadily being released. No problems here.

Some bizarre turbosecret project - I dunno what's going on there. But it has a progress bar.


Hanza Sky - There's a bunch of chapters translated, we have no cleaner. If you want Hanza to come out, learn how to clean manga (specifically mag RAWs) or find somebody willing to do it/learn. <---------------------READ THIS, YOU IGNORANT MONKEYS

Ningen Kyouki Katsuo - Somewhat steady flow. No problems here.

Koutetsu no Hanappashira - Being released at an inconsistent rate, but still being worked on.

Gareki no Shou - Partway translated by a former translator. I MIGHT finish it in the future, but for now it's dead in the water.

Blazing Transfer Student - No translator, anyone who wants to jump on this can join the group. Again, I MIGHT finish it in the future.

BTS USA doujin - Needs to be reworked. Will likely be released sometime soonish.

Osomatsu-kun - Partway translated by a former translator. I have no desire to work on this, someone else can have it.

That should be all.


  1. Great news with Genki, and thank you very much for the next chapter!

  2. Great news with Genki, and thank you very much for the next chapter!

  3. Hey guys. I really appreciate for giving an update. Didn't want to ask since I know how annoying it can sound.

    Anyways, thanks and Kudos for the good spirit.

  4. And with this post, anyone whom asks about the status of a series for the next 6 months has identified themselves as a stupid monkey!


  6. It would be awesome if you could translate Cromartie. I've been waiting years to finish reading it. Damn ADV...