Saturday, 13 October 2012

Let's end it! Wonder 3 Volume 03!

We will never get to play Symphony of the Blood. ;_;

So as a lot of you are wondering, what the fuck have we been doing for two weeks? Well aside from finding a few new translators and picking out new series to pick up now that we finished AoN and are near to being finished with Crimsons, we decided to work on the last volume of Wonder 3.

Around a year ago, I personally knew the guy at Two Pioneers who was working on the Wonder 3 volumes and was doing well on it and nearly finished it, however he disappeared before he could finish the last volume. This left many people, including myself, with a cliffhanger we were not satisfied with.

Anyways, I convinced my translator Momo to do the last volume. However even though we did the last volume, we did not delve into the same level of background detail as two pioneers did, so we may have missed certain details/references that he probably would've pointed out. If in the future Two Pioneers were to ever come back and does release a volume 3, I suggest you download his version since they're usually more informative.

Alright then, here's all 3 volumes for you guys to download!:

Volume 01(Two Pioneers)
Volume 02(Two Pioneers)
Volume 03(End)


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[Also, I totally didn't think Bokko had colored hair for some reason.]


  1. Thanks a lot, you've done great job. I thought i will never have a chance to read W3 last volume after twopioniers wanished. So thank you once more.

  2. Question unrelated to this entry: Is the single Bishounen chapter you released the only chapter Hirano's made, or is there any other reason you haven't translated more?

  3. I just made a status update post with that specific information last month. There's no available RAWs.

  4. Thanks for answering so fast. Those are some sad news... Do you know how much is out already? Is there a first volume out?

  5. We've looked into it and there's no collected release, tankoubon or otherwise, available for purchase. Last I heard there was 3 or 4 chapters at least.

  6. Thanks! I've always wanted to read this. I hadn't even heard of the Two Pioneers scanlation. I was about ready to give up until I found this.

  7. omg I cant believe the last part is finally out. I used to check two pioneers search every week for like a year and eventually I just lost hope. Thank you very much!!!! ^___^ Thank you Momo!

  8. This is my girlfriends favorite manga and I finally get to read it in full thank you very very very much.