Thursday, 31 January 2013

Momo's Recruitment Drive 2013

You could be right there with us!
One look at our depressing Team Members page reveals a terrible secret. We have almost nobody working with us! That being said, there are tons of people out there who read and enjoy our series, yet are unwilling to help make the magic happen with releases.

What we need for normal operations:
- 1 experienced redrawer, preferable if willing to clean as well, double preference if you can also typeset (FILLED! Glory be to ye olde Momodieties)
- 1 typesetter of any skill level, WE WILL TEACH YOU (Also FILLED! Glory to the glory gods)
As a limited time bonus, the first person who fills each these positions can have a series/bunch of doujinshi of their choice translated by me, Stealth Momo. 

Update: These positions have been filled. Deal with it. The series selected to be translated are Ring ni Kakero and (TO BE DECIDED)

Of course, we are still looking for:
- 1 experienced translator, able to handle 1 or 2 series
- 1 RAW provider with access to jcafe or share(the program)
- 2-3 inexperienced cleaners willing to learn
- 2-3 inexperienced typesetters willing to learn

We have a very hospitable staff. There's no pressure for time constraints or deadlines. Just work at your own pace. If english is not your first language, we have no problems either.  We may be critical with results, but we really just want everyone to improve as they move along with their work.

Our group stays in touch through skype and transfers work files through skype/dropbox. If you are unfamiliar with either program we can teach you the ropes too.

If you want faster and more consistent, polished releases, consider joining us today. I doubt you will find a more friendly and flexible bunch of people to work with.

Send any applications to or message me on twitter @AigoMomohara.

- Stealth Momo


  1. "Moral Support"

    But no really, people need to sign up. The state of affairs is really depressing with just two, sometimes three people actually working on projects.

  2. I would love to help you but unfortunately I have no time, I hope someone can help you.