Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Super Awesome Project Incoming.

The below image is indeed a hint at things to come.
Canadians probably have an unfair advantage.
Anyways, despite our lack of staff, there is a new series we've been waiting for a long time to work on being released soon.

I'm pretty sure everyone will be hopping up and down in anticipation waiting. I know I cried manly tears while translating it at the very least. Figured I'd post a teaser to get everyone hyped up.

Also, Genki is still stuck in cleaning purgatory. I dunno where Soruan went. He's probably dead again. Wouldn't surprise me. That guy dies more than Yamcha.

Ocha 74 soon. Also, everyone needs to watch Trailer Park Boys.

- Stealth Momo.


  1. I wonder what that is :)

  2. Soruan come back, please!!

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