Thursday, 7 February 2013

Update to Momo's Recruitment Drive

Accurate depiction of BiteMe's current situation.
Okay, Momo's Recruitment Drive was a stunning success. We nailed ourselves a wicked cleaner/typesetter and got some eager learners. Also Soruan might not be (re?)dead again. Which means he's a zombie of a zombie. I guess that makes him like... week-old birthday cake?

The series we'll be working on as a result of the recruitment drive will be Ring ni Kakero and something to be decided on. Brace for impact, because I'll probably be tackling the living shit out of Ring ni Kakero.

Thanks to all the people that applied and if you are still interested in working with us, we will certainly accept your assistance. The most desirable positions for us would be:

- 1 Experienced Translator able to handle 2-3 series
- 1 RAW Provider with access to jcafe/share

Of course, anyone who wants to learn cleaning or typesetting, give us a ring at


  1. The legendary Ring ni Kakero, the one that started hyping things to the limit with its ridiculous comparissons... That should be interesting. Looking forward to that and glad to see you're back in biz ;)

    Other groups are getting cocky around, ya know?

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