Sunday, 2 June 2013

Help Fill the Forum!

Clearly, we are the coolest of cats. With the snazziest of digs.
 Little known fact: We have a cool forum put together by our man, Soruan.

Second little known fact: The forum is terribly lonely. There's all sorts of different discussion to be had. Go make a translation request, discuss the latest releases, or maybe even find LOVE?

No promises on that last one, but we like to see our reader responses. It gets us motivated and gives us ideas on where we can improve. Plus, you can hang out with all your favorite Project Bite Me people. And we are, without a doubt, the best bros on the internet.

Also, we're finishing Ocha Nigosu within the next month or so. There's a nice topic to start with.


  1. Tell you what, i'll register for the forums as good as you guys put out more than one chapter of King Golf per total lunar eclipse.

  2. Can't do much when the translator disappears for months at a time.