Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The second SL combo chapter, let's go!

Who's ready for adorable love stories?
Man, it's been awhile since we released this quick! Expect chapter 3 sometime next week!

The Kabocha Wine Volume 01 Chapter 02

Remember, we're still looking for:
TRANSLATORS(Japanese -> English preferred)


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The SL Combo appears!

New translator means mo' manga, which means mo' problems!
The Kabocha Wine Volume 01 Chapter 01

Here it is, since we got a new translator and lacking manga for him to work on, we finally found one he could enjoy! That's right, The Kabocha Wine, an amazing romance comedy! Anyways, as for the status on Ocha Nigosu, Genki and Riku, those are currently on-hold until Momo is able to find time to work on them! Don't worry, Ocha WILL get priority since it's so close to being done. For the following few weeks however, please enjoy Kabocha Wine!

Reminder that we are STILL LOOKING FOR CLEANERS, REDRAWERS, TYPESETTERS AND TRANSLATORS! You can contact us at your email, and as well as in the comments here or the shoutbox!


Monday, 16 December 2013

Wow we need help, badly!

Yazawa, realizing he has made a great mistake that must be fixed.

Hello everyone! As you can all tell obviously, we haven't released much since August! I would like to blame multiple things, the biggest being I was lazy. Quite lazy! Anyways, aside from that, we are currently understaffed, so I really am going to have to beg for the following positions if you guys want faster releases and hope to god this long hiatus never happens again!:

2 NEW CLEANERS AND REDRAWERS(Not one or the other, you must be able to do both!)

You can contact us at our Email ( or in the comment section!

Aside from that, here's your new releases:

Ocha Nigosu Chapter 92
Ocha Nigosu Chapter 93