Sunday, 30 January 2011

Delicious Manga. You Must Read.

We have only a few releases this week, hopefully we'll have plenty more next week for you guys:

The Academy of Ninjas Volume 3 Chapter 12
Blazing Transfer Student Volume 1 Chapter 4
Hanza Sky Volume 2 Chapter 11
Violence Jack Volume 1 Chapter 10 (Later Tonight)

We've added a poll this week, please feel free to vote on it! The question for this week's poll is:

"Which of our active series do you like reading the most?"

As always, we'd like more translators and maybe a few typesetters too! If you're at all interested, comment or send an email. Thanks!


EDIT: Violence Jack is up.


  1. Thank you for scanlating Hanza Sky!

  2. i like them all. thanks so much

  3. My favorite is Hanzasky, of course. Alyosha's next, and Sasuga is third.

  4. Ditto, thanks for Hanzasky.

  5. for my, is gambare genki, only 4% of all the votes...

    Well, i see the anime of genki, and end in the climax, about the volume 3 or 4, in read very happy your works in order to know the end of the story.

    Gambate, and thank you very much whit genki!

    One fan of yours work whit genki.

  6. Can u please update the Hanza for a week cuz I really like hanza Im go crazy waiting for it like for more than a 2-3weeks....btw thanks for the release...^^

  7. This is the first time we made you wait an extra week. Just be patient we already got 12 on the way for you guys.

  8. Autistic Kenshiro31 January 2011 at 21:19

    Violence Jack is awesome, never ever stop please. Anyway thanks again for the Violence Jack release!!

  9. Unfortunately I'll probably be taking a break from Violence Jack down the line to continue work on Genki. Shouldn't be much of a break though.

  10. You guys are awesome, finishing Fist of the North Star AND taking on Violence Jack. Thank you for all your efforts.

  11. Glad that you are enjoying Jack. I'm gonna stick around and work on it until I either croak, finish it, or go blind. Whether or not this group melts into the abyss.