Sunday, 23 January 2011

Oh God, a lot of manga again this week.

Hey guys, we have manga for you:

The Academy of Ninjas Volume 2 Chapter 11(End of Volume 2)
Blazing Transfer Student Volume 1 Chapter 3
Dororon Enma-kun Volume 1 Chapter 4(Later today, hopefully)
Ganbare Genki Volume 1 Chapter 7
Osomatsu-kun Volume 1 Chapter 2
Violence Jack Volume 1 Chapter 9(Later today)

Anyways, that's all really. We're looking for more translators, so if you wanna help translate, please email us. Also, as a reminder: THERE IS NO HANZA SKY THIS WEEK. See you guys next week.


EDIT: Jack is up, all that's left is Dororon.


  1. thank you so much, great as allways

  2. Thanks guys great work, i read each of your series. Btw. i thought i gonna see at least few comment, and theres only one, how on earth is that possible, people don't read those mangas or what?

  3. Apparently they all just like to rush to our downloads section, hehe.


    Someone actually picked up Blazing Transfer Student again. I'm glad. I wanted more after watching the short anime.