Sunday, 9 January 2011

Plenty of Releases and looking for new recruits!

Hey Project Bite Me! Scans here, with the following mangas for you guys:

The Academy of Ninjas Volume 2 Chapter 9
Alyosha Chapter 8
Dororon Enma-kun Volume 1 Chapter 2
Ganbare Genki Volume 1 Chapter 5
Hanzasky 9 (Sorry for the delay our leader yazawa got kidnapped by a bunch of yaoi fangirls at a convention, they did unspeakable things to him before he finally broke free in time to heroically(not) finish hanza today. so the chapter is ready for download now.)

Also, we have a new section called "recruitment" what this basically is just a section of our website where we show case the other mangas we wanna work on. That's right, even though we are already delivering a lot of awesome manga to you, we want to deliver even more! So if any of you are interested, you can post comments there or send an email. Anyways, that's all we got for you this week, so enjoy you guys!



  1. wayy awesome! thanks for the mangas! im loving Alyosha! great so far! keep up the hard&good work! :D

  2. Great, thanks so much. Ganbare Genki is just awesome!

  3. great work whit genki! you can do it guys!

  4. Glad that more people are starting to read Genki. Thanks for the support, it keeps me working.

  5. Thank you, I love Hanza sky!