Saturday, 15 January 2011

Oh God, so much manga...

So we somehow ended up with a lot of releases today:

The Academy of Ninjas Volume 2 Chapter 10 (Later on today)
Blazing Transfer Student Volume 1 Chapter 1 and 2
Dororon Enma-kun Volume 1 Chapter 3 (Later on today)
Ganbare Genki Volume 1 Chapter 6
Hanza Sky Volume 2 Chapter 10
Osomatsu-kun Volume 1 Chapter 1
Violence Jack Volume 1 Chapter 8 (THE LONG AWAITED RETURN)

Anyways, hopefully we'll be able to kick up big release like this every week for you guys. Also, concerning Hanza Sky. It seems I've caught up with the spanish translator and will need to wait on him for translations. Anyways, Hanza Sky will no longer be weekly. We will be doing around 2-3 chapters a month of Hanza until we catch up to the japanese magazine, in which case I assume we'll starting doing it weekly again.

Also, be expecting us to be messing with the blog a bit more since I finally got a few artists to help renovate it. We also added a shout box where you can leave us a shout. You can ask questions, leave comments or critique us.

That's all I wanted to really say, of course as always we are looking for translators, if you wanna help out, join us in delivering great manga! - Yazawa

EDIT: Genki is up.
EDIT 2: The Academy of Ninjas is up.
EDIT 3: Dororon Enma-kun is up as well, no more releases until next sunday.


  1. thank you for violence jack!

  2. Holy crap, Blazing Transfer Student!!!! I can't believe someone picked this up. I hope you guys decide to continue it, but even if you don't, thanks for your work so far!

  3. Violence Jack is back! Woooooo

  4. thanks, great work. can't wait to see what will happen nest with genkis father. blazing transfer student is nice work too, i'm gonna check violent jack as well.

  5. Thank you so much, i'm glad someone's doing some really quality FUCKING OLD SCHOOLS MANGAS. Thank you so much, you have a lot of fans. Violence Jack is awesome and the rest of your mangas.

  6. Far be it from me to know math, but if HanzaSky is a weekly manga (since it is published in Weekly Shonen Champions), and you are only publishing 2-3 chapters a month, won't you always be behind the Japanese release unless the manga takes a bunch of breaks?

    Either way, you guys have been doing an great job on it. Just wondering if my math is off.

  7. Yeah, we expect him to take a break here and there and during those times is when we can really take advantage of it.