Sunday, 3 April 2011

Back to slow routine and some clarification on things.

Hey guys we got some stuff for you this sunday:

Blazing Transfer Student Volume 2 Chapter 15
Dororon Enma-kun Volume 1 Chapter 7
Kaiji part 3 Chapter 16

Edit: Kaiji chapter 16 now available.

Also, I'm going to clarify some things you guys(the readers) may be wondering about:

Question: Wait, you guys are releasing stuff as soon as it's done now!?

Answer: Only Kaiji. The rest will continue to be on sundays until I feel like changing it up but for now only Kaiji will be released as soon as it's finished. Also for those wondering, it was not my idea to work on Kaiji. That was the rest of the group's decision and I have no objections to it.

Question: What happened to Chameleon, Violence Jack and The Academy of Ninjas?

Answer: Our typesetter/editor for those three series (Audrey) had to take care of some things IRL. She's back now though and should be getting back on those ASAP.

Question: What happened to Shounan Junai Gumi?

Answer: Well, it seems the translator for that series (S Jump Forum) lost interest/is doing other stuff. I myself have been debating to use the tokyopop translations on the japanese raws but I'm not quite sure yet. So for now it's on hold.

Question: What about Barihaken?

Answer: We basically do have a translator for it, but Barihaken is demanding A LOT of redraws. Chapter 9 had 60+ Pixtext alone. So until we get someone who is willing to do that much, it's on hold.

Question: Can you work on X manga?

Answer: To put it simply, no. Probably not at this moment. We will consider it, but I doubt we'll get to it any time soon.

Question: I don't care about anything, but where is Hanza Sky already!?

Answer: Hanza Sky is getting done, stop asking. We already have scripts up to chapter 19 and more will soon come. Right now the cleaner is cleaning chapter 14 and we'll have it for the typesetter soon enough. If you want the april fools version of 14, by all means download it from the mediafire.

If you guys have any other questions for me, just put it in the comment section and I'll get to it when I can. Enjoy this week's chapters.



  1. What happened to Osomatsu-kun?

  2. Excellent question:

    Basically the guy who was doing osomatsu is now doing ocha. But every time he finishes a volume of Ocha he will do a few chapters of osomatsu.

  3. Important notice:

    Kaiji 16 was not supposed to be released this early. I'm on vacation and the releases were supposed to be spread out a couple days while I'm gone. There won't be any releases for it until at least Saturday because of this.

    Any whining will be thoroughly be responded with a boot to the head.

  4. ^ My bad. Got so caught up in working on it, I forgot our release plan.