Sunday, 10 April 2011

Some mangas for you guys.

Hey guys, here's this week's stuff:

Alyosha Chapter 11 (Volume 1 is now on sale, if anyone could possibly provide it send me a message or post a comment)
Blazing Transfer Student Volume 2 Chapter 16
Dororon Enma-kun Volume 1 Chapter 8
The Kamegashira Brothers (One Shot for Happy KameKame!, if anyone has or can provide Happy KameKame, send a message or post a comment.)

Also, may I say, this anime season is turning up to be pretty good. Kaiji is amazing, but time will tell. And Dororon's anime, although a bit different from the manga (why is the girl the protagonist...) is turning out fabulously HOTBLOODED. That opening, those sequences, Grandma with spinning tits. It all screams Nagai and I love it.

Regarding the news, we are doing a couple of joints.

First off, we're teaming up with The Skaro Hunting Society to bring you Choujin Locke. A manga classic all the way from the late 1960's. If you've never heard of the Skaro Hunting Society, then check them out. They mostly sub old animes and live action shows, so they're pretty awesome.

Also with Dynamic Pro Scanlations, we're jointing to bring you Gekiman. The manga is by Go Nagai and basically, it's about how he's been doing manga for so long. It's like Bakuman, except it's based on a real story.

Also, you guys need to check out Ardneh. They just finished Hareluya II Boy and are about to finish Ushio to Tora, both pretty amazing mangas. After Ushio to Tora, they plan to work on Karakuri Circus, so for you guys who were asking us to work on it, check them out.

Lastly, we need more typesetters and redrawers! If you are experienced at either of these, please comment or send a message. I think that's about it for this week, if you guys want to comment or ask questions, do so in the comments section.



  1. You're bringing... Gekiman!?

    Fuck yeah, now that's some real treat for Go Nagai fanboys.

  2. Sorry for no Kaiji 17/18 yet, fans. Busy week for me. No time to work until like Wednesday...and I always work on my own schedule.

    We've still got to wait for our volume 3 RAWs to show up anyways.

  3. Quality as ever my friend, keep it up.

  4. I think you're kept the first secret release secret for a little too long. We deserve to know what it is or at least why it's not finished yet.

  5. ^We don't deserve shit.

  6. The super secret release remains super secret. However, I will give a few hints.

    - It is a single volume manga
    - A spinoff (though its hard to actually tell) of a certain famous otaku series
    - Something very unexpected from us
    - It's very close to completion

    Also, stunning news for Kaiji. Chapter 17's script is done so the actual chapter shouldn't be far off.