Sunday, 17 April 2011

Told you so.

 Hey guys, we finally get to reveal the first super secret project to you guys:

Blazing Transfer Student Volume 2 Chapter 17
Chameleon Volume 1 Chapter 5
Cool Shock BT Volume 1 Chapter 1 (Site Page coming soon)
Kaiji Part 3 Volume 2 Chapter 18 (End of Volume 2)
Ocha Nigosu Volume 4 Chapter 38
Ramen Angel ~Pretty Menma~ Volume 1 Chapter 1 (Site Page coming soon)
Violence Jack Volume 1 Chapter 13

Edit: Uploaded more mangas, enjoy them.



  1. Thanks for the new ocha nigosu.

  2. Thanks a lot for these chapters, and specially ON!

  3. Thanks for Ocha ni Gosu

  4. r u guuy sevr gonna do more hentai?

  5. Yes, we have a doujin that is currently being worked on and there will probably be more in the future although nothing's been decided yet.

  6. There's always room for hentai goddammit!

    Forget Kaiji~ Forget Violence Jack~ Forget that goddamn stupid ocha nigosu~

    The age of luscious breasts has dawned upon us!

  7. OMG another Hirohiko manga... Gotta dl this... NOW!!!

    THANKS A THOUSAND TIMES! You're one of the best groups!

  8. Mahjong Whore Ange19 April 2011 at 05:04

    The doujin we're doing would of been done by now if Yazawa had thrown a typesetter my way. It can't be helped. I do work on it everyday so hang in there~

  9. Yay! Thanks for more Blazing Transfer Student and Chameleon! These two series are Friggin' Awesome

  10. Awesome! Nice that you guys are translating some old Hirohiko works. Quick question, and I'm sorry if this sounds demanding: Are you guys considering translating the rest of Gorgeous Irene? I believe that has his earliest works in it.

  11. Yep as a favor to a friend we're doing both series along with the Busou Poker one shot from the Gorgeous Irene volume.

    On top of that, just mabye we'll have a surprising release coming for you guys that is related in someway to these series. :)

  12. The gargoyles are supposed to be doing something about 'that', but they're fucking gargoyles so who knows how that's going.