Sunday, 24 April 2011

Some manga with major announcements!

Ok so this week we got:

Blazing Transfer Student Volume 2 Chapters 18-20(End of Volume 2)
Cool Shock BT Volume 1 Chapter 2

EDIT: Uploaded Version 2 of Chapter 1 and uploaded batches for Volume 1 and 2 for BTS. We also uploaded a new one shot, Nikutaikan-K. Enjoy.

Also since I've been getting emails asking about it, here's what the typical work day is like for me when working on manga:
This about sums up a day for me.

And this is how Momo preps to start translating:

Momo getting pumped for some manga.
But all joking aside, I've got a bit of a major announcement that may make some of you happy while making others angry and butthurt.

As you all know, Part 7 of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run, ended this month. Part 8 is coming out in May. I usually don't like doing ongoing series but I've gotten a lot of emails and I've managed to get people who can hook me up with everything I'll need to work on it. So to put it simply:

Project Bite Me! Scanlations WILL work on Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 8: Jojolion.

That's all this week and hope you guys enjoy the manga.


  1. Wow still no one replied to this???

    I know it's great, but i've been really DYING to read part 4... Even part 3, but having in mind that it was oficially translated y viz? i guess part 4 looks like a better choice... I still can't forgive myself for reading those crappy 3rd part scans... Well maybe you can do Part 8? and then hop to part 3 or four again. Aanyways whatever you do - YOU ROCK! Thanks!

  2. I believe the above poster is talking about the re-translation, since part 4 is already translated (sort of). Part 4 is being redone, albeit slowly, by The Invincible Trio. And note to above poster, you're pretty SOL for part 3. Support the official translation and buy it.

    My question is, are you teaming with Project JoJo for part 8 or are you guys doing this yourself? Either way, very big news.

  3. I don't know the exact ramifications of the situation, but we are getting one of the typesetters that worked on Steel Ball Run to work on part 8.

    I'll be handling the translations.

  4. Well sweet. Kinda a pseudo collaboration then. And part 8 should be very interesting, going back to Morioh-Cho/Duwang.

  5. Part 8? Bueno...

    I'm very much looking forward to this. Thank you for taking it up!

  6. Are u joking me? Guys did volume 33 in August, A-U-G-U-S-T 2010!!!???

  7. Shizuka Joestar24 April 2011 at 16:01

    Most of the current JoJo Project team will be migrating over to Bite Me for this. Once SBR is over, I'm going to switch just to very basic cleaning and raw providing for Jojolion while working hardcore on redoing parts 4 and 5.

    And I would like to invite anybody complaining about part 3 rescans to try one of the following three legitimate options:
    1) buy the viz version and support some jojo, it's quite well done
    2) read the yellow scans, the translation on those isn't bad at all
    3) go download some nice raws (which exist) and slap the old text on them yourself.

    4 and 5 have no good translations available, and we will most likely never get any other Araki work in English legitimately, so redoing part 3 is beyond not a priority for every scanlation team I currently know of who has an interest in JoJo.

  8. Yeah i agree with you for the most part, that's why i said part 4 should be taken in mind. Like i said - it's been almost a year since last group did a Jojo 4 volume... Than you Shizua san you are our only hope...

    I'm from a poor country, but i really like jojo so i decided to see how much it'll cost to buy the whole thing - it's 10$ per volume, 16 volumes = 160$ and shipping will be who knows... So that's around 200$ dollars... Maaan legal manga is expensive... And thank you **Shizuka Joestar** for thinking of helping with Jojo part 4 and 5.

  9. You can buy most of the volumes of Viz's Jojo part 3 pre-owned for less than a dollar. The only kick in the ass is shipping. I got the first 10 books for Christmas for under $12 USD plus shipping. And those were all brand new.

    There are many stores on Amazon that sell manga at liquidation prices, you just need to check things out.

  10. Btw Shizuka how many chapters remain until you/your group completes part 7? Since i haven't read after vol 33 i don't dare to dl the volumes and see for myself... And in case you missed it "The Bastard Team" did 3 chapters of Jojo part 3, but they're stalled for now.

  11. Shizuka Joestar27 April 2011 at 11:12

    To the various anons:

    First off, someone has to do part 8, and a full group is a good thing so they can keep up the schedules. My tiny little group, without the assistance we currently have and will be losing after part 7 is over, is woefully inadequate for the task.

    Second off, to whoever asked about how long SBR will last... we're just working on the first chapter of volume 19, second chapter will be out this week. Currently volumes in Japan (as opposed to magazines) are up to volume 23, but more will come out shortly. We've got a group helping us on all the harder stuff, though, so at a chapter a week it shouldn't take us too long. I hope that's a decent enough answer, since I frankly have no idea how much is going into what volume.

  12. Honestly i'm not sure i understand the first paragraph of what you've written, but now i know what are your plans regarding SBR. Thanks again, one of thoese days i'll be reading your releases :P