Monday, 7 November 2011

Ninjas and Transfer Students with a Side of Video Games

Typical episode of GameCenter CX, which you guys need to check out! Click on the image to get yourself some subbed episodes!

This week's manga:

The Academy of Ninjas Volume 04 Chapter 23
Blazing Transfer Student Volume 04 Chapter 34

Also I finally updated the blog how it should be. Report any bugs or things I may have missed. See you guys around whenever we release next.



  1. Thanks for these. Can you tell me what the site updates are? I was looking at the site several days ago and i can't tell the difference?

  2. Usually we update on Sundays. However, Yazawa is usually lazy or there's a release we're waiting to finish so three quarters of the time it happens on monday.

    Special releases and Kaiji always get put up the day they are finished.

  3. Also the links for the active projects pages are completely updated. So there's that too.

  4. Fuck yes. No more waiting for TV-Nihon, though I would appreciate if they did them in order.

  5. At least we've got some way of watching it other than Kotaku's shittarded version.