Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fetishism is Scary.

Yazawa as he realizes what misfortune this chapter of Crimsons will bring.
Here's Crimsons 09.


Note: If I do end up seeing fish hentai on gelbooru/danbooru/what have you because of this chapter, I just want to say I'm so damn sorry, I never asked for this.


  1. thx for chapter...that made me laugh, between the mother's ecchiness and the fish teen's talk..I won't ever see fish the same way.

  2. Thanks for the chapters. I can't believe that these days this is the manga I look forward to the most.

  3. Simply epic. Laughed so hard.

  4. Nice Crimsons 09. manga as well. Can you scanlate the Ken Ishikawa version of Cutie Honey as well. Just look at this link. "" It's a very good manga as well.

  5. I doubt anyone here wants to touch Nagai's work again anytime soon.

    Besides, we aren't planning on picking up any new projects just yet.