Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Oh shit, we caught up!!

Yazawa as he realizes how they've actually caught up to an ongoing manga.

Right then, here's chapters 10 and 11 of crimsons!

Chapter 10
Chapter 11

Now then, here's the dealio. Crimsons is actually at about chapter 13 or so in japan, however, I cannot find raws because my new computer's a piece of crap and can't handle Share or Perfect Dark. Anyways, if you guys WANT us to continue, please help us find raws for Crimsons 12-13 and then for every month after words. Also, we would LOVE to work on Crimsons: Gaiden, so if you guys can find raws for that, it'd be appreciated. Anyways, thanks for letting us work on this, it really is fun. I don't know when the next time we'll see Crimsons is, but please remember it's not because we hate it, it's because we need raws!!


News Update: The situation has been solved. Expect more Crimsons in the (maybe) near future.


  1. Thank you very much, I was waiting for this.

  2. Thanks, hopefully someone will be able to get the raws

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