Wednesday, 9 May 2012

You're Our Only Hope!

If your name is somehow Obi-wan, this message applies doubly to you.
Truthfully, I don't like begging for assistance. However, being the only translator that is actually part of this group, it's preeetty obvious we need more help in that aspect.

Now, I realize that very few of you seriously give a shit about working on manga. And the few that do probably aren't familiar enough with the Japanese language to translate. That being said, if you know anybody...ANYBODY who is interested in manga that has been educated on the language, send them our way.

With more translators, we can handle more series. Which means bringing the stuff you love to you faster. Or perhaps making the previously impossible a realistic possibility.

Currently, we are more or less focusing on people interested in working on Blazing Transfer Student. Regardless, even if you are simply looking for an opportunity to start work on a series that you believe needs attention and deserves a solid english version available, hit us up.

The e-mail address should be on the front page but here it is anyways because that's how Momo rolls. If you aren't convinced, you have my testimony that this group easily reigns as the most entertaining circle of people to work on manga with. Not exaggerating.

Naturally, if you have the ability to assist with typesetting or cleaning, we would adore it if you joined our merry band as well. Right now we're just bottlenecking on certain releases from a lack of translators. Give us a shot, you won't regret it.

<Stealth> Out

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