Sunday, 17 June 2012

The Sudden Explosion of Scanlated Chapters (Happy Father's Day!!)

Our readers as they find out how much manga we have for them.
 So we've got a shit load of stuff for you guys since we love you so damn much:

Ocha Nigosu Volume 07 Chapters 60-69(Volume 07 Complete)
Dororon Enma-kun Volume 01 Chapters 13-21(End of Dororon Enma-kun)
The Academy of Ninjas Volume 05 Chapter 25

Concerning Enma-kun, I had lost the original TL for it, so Stealth Momo decided to work on it and finish it off instead, so if the chapters title change and things seem a bit weird starting from chapter 13, I apologize, but overall I think he did a great translation. Also, since I also lost my original translator for The Academy of Ninjas, Stealth Momo will also take over that project. We REALLY COULD USE SOME NEW TRANSLATORS, so if you're interested, drop us an email!

Here's the links for all of them, hope you guys enjoy our hard work:

Ocha 60
Ocha 61
Ocha 62
Ocha 63
Ocha 64
Ocha 65
Ocha 66
Ocha 67
Ocha 68
Ocha 69
Ocha Nigosu Volume 7 Complete

Enma 13
Enma 14
Enma 15
Enma 16
Enma 17
Enma 18
Enma 19
Enma 20
Enma 21
Dororon Enma-kun Complete

The Academy of Ninjas Volume 05 Chapter 25



  1. muchos gracias :)
    thanks for so many chapters and all your hard work

  2. I LOVE FREAKING Ocha Nigosu so much. Thanks for scanlating it. Hope you keep doing it

  3. Thank you very much for a well done job.

  4. And that's EXACTLY how my face looked like when i found out how much stuff you have for us :).

    Thanks for Dororon :)

  5. Thanks guys for Ocha Nigosu.

  6. You guys are champions! 10 chapters of Ocha Nigosu as once, with another 10 chapters for 2 other manga ?!?! This is unbelievably amazingly awesome! Thanks a ton!

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