Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Concerning Blazing Transfer Student(Final BTS Release)

A quick comparison of all the first chapters ever done of BTS. (Click HERE for full size)
 As some of you may know, Blazing Transfer Student is a manga we had been working on nearly ever since our group had started. However, we had to stop around volume 4. This was because Cazellnu, our translator for Blazing Transfer Student, had left for Korea to study there. A year or so later and I still hadn't found a translator for the series. However, Cazellnu did eventually return, but sadly couldn't continue on the series since he had gotten married, a job, and plenty of other stuff in that year. In the last month or some, Hokuto no Gun and HappyScans! did a quick scanlation of all the chapters we had done and are planning to finish the series. Since I don't have a translator for the series, and since knowing people prefer speed over quality, I am afraid I will have to drop BTS. This saddens me the most, since BTS is one of those series I literally busted my ass every chapter to clean, except for the last two(35 and 36). Anyways, this will be the last Blazing Transfer Student related thing I'll probably release, and it saddens me since it's kinda rough around the edges.

The type of shit I'd find on Perfect Dark when it worked.
(Doujin)Blazing Transfer Student vs. Desert Rose

This doujin has been sitting on my hard drive for two years, waiting to be quality checked. However, since I will most likely not be working on BTS anymore, I don't mind releasing it in it's current quality. I hope you guys enjoy it.



  1. >people prefer speed over quality

    Not sure why so many scanlators delude themselves into thinking that the people who visit their sites care about speed.

    The speedfags are people who camps online readers.
    But alas, thanks for your work on the series. Keep up the good work elsewhere.

  2. I think people prefer groups that have both speed AND quality, as you've clearly proven in your comparison that HnG-Happy has.

    Please, sir, I want some more.

  3. HnG-Happy have issues with their cleaning and translations, but you can read whatever you want, it doesn't seem to matter.

  4. Hokuto no Gun and Happy Scans are pretty much the two worst groups that release manga out there today.

  5. Hey thanks for the free publicity!

  6. He viciously planted a landline in front of the school? How else could students make phone calls back then?

    Happyscans/Hokuto use lq scans, and could probably use a proofreader, but their translations seem fine to me.

    At least they have the best translation in this comparison.

  7. Literal/mechanical translation does not mean it's good. Sorry, you don't know anything about translating.

    The Happyscans version is very awkward in terms of being a realistic conversation. Even the Mahou scans, despite their odd choice in wording, do a better job as believable dialogue.

  8. Reading through it again, I'll admit that Mahou arguably has the best translation. However:

    "In spite of being late, you dare show up to school so leisurely"

    "He who calls out to people... Kanazawa the Hall Monitor"

    "Viciously planting landlines" - in both versions.

    Please teach me more about "believable" dialogue.

  9. He doesn't know what he's talking about, Anonymous. I translated it the way I did on purpose, to convey Shimamoto's shonen self-parody style effectively. My goal was to translate in a way that is fun to read, and I believe I succeeded.

  10. Oh boy, this is Araki-speak all over again.

    People translate things differently. There's no point in arguing who did it best. You are always walking a tight-rope of balancing an accurate, believable translation.

    Deciding you are speaking for an author is almost offensive to the work. The original Japanese does not forcefully present itself in a self-parody style. It is camp without being melodramatic about it. More tongue-in-cheek than over-the-top.

    The goal of a translator is to create a script that respects what is on the page.

    Finally, all of the versions are imperfect. The HappyScans translation is not necessarily bad, it's a solid attempt to make the script more entertaining and readable, yet it comes off broken and underwhelming in the aspects it tries to possess, most notably how it flows. Mahou is more of a straightforward, literal attempt at translating. Ultimately, it just winds up being an awkward read. Lastly, our version has punctuation issues, but successfully uses hyperbole to its advantage.

    On a personal note, to tell someone that has been translating for several years that they don't know what they are talking about is just plain rude. I have a very firm philosophy about translation and if you don't agree with it, go right ahead. Defending your script is fine, but don't be insulting about it. Good luck working on Blazing Transfer Student, hopefully things proceed smoothly.

  11. I believe it also needs to be stated that I did not translate Blazing Transfer Student.

  12. Like you have any right to talk about not being insulting at this juncture.

  13. Need any lotion for that burn, StealthMomo?

  14. Not for this middle school babby shenanigans.


  15. What burn? Anyway, this is getting stupid so I am disabling comments on this post.