Friday, 29 March 2013

Overmax Overdue March Releases

Pretty much how I spent most of March. Except without any of those consoles.

Most of this stuff has been done since forever ago, but it took awhile to get the fixes completed. So, with nothing to do, I played a bunch of video games as part of my yearly challenge to complete a shit-ton of older video games.

Particularly, I'd have to recommend Shadowrun for Super Nintendo and Pulseman for Genesis/Mega Drive. Both were quite ahead of their time and featured fantastic worlds to enjoy. Copious outbursts of fury and drinking heavy amounts of alcohol was the only way I made it through Doom 2. I also completed Mother (Earthbound Zero) and Dragon Quest. I assumed Mother would be the better of the two, but boy was I wrong. Dragon Quest was a ton of fun to rip through. At the beginning, I pretty much had to play through Castlevania II twice because of a corrupted save state, which was just as horrible as you can imagine. Still got a couple games to complete in the next 3 days, but I think I'll be okay.

Enough about vacation time, here's some manga hot off the press:

Ganbare Genki Volume 03 Chapter 31
Ocha Nigosu Volume 08 Chapter 76
Ring ni Kakero Volume 01 Chapter 02
Shujin Riku Volume 01 Chapter 03
Zeni Geba Volume 01 Chapter 01

- Stealth Momu


  1. Yes!!!!!!! Great combo!! Thank you Project Bite Me!. Ah, good new style ^^

  2. Yeah! Thank you very much for Genki, and great translation and quality as always!

  3. Thank you for these! Especially for Ring Ni, Riku and Zeni!

  4. Thanks for the new ocha nigosu :)

  5. This year long wait wounds my very soul. Hanza sky isn't active, on hold, finished, or dropped.

  6. Nobody wants to deal with Hanza.

  7. Thanks for Ocha Nigosu

  8. Btw thank you for the game reccoms... I've heard about the old Shadowrun, but i've never played it. Maybe i'll give it a try (i know it has nothing to do with that shitty game from 2007 was it?).

    Are you playing this on your computer or the actual console?

    And talking about hardcore - have you tried Battle Toads? The game is nuts, it's regarded as one of the hardest games ever.

  9. Just for a neat bit of trivia in regards to Ring ni Kakero, I own the 2001 "Ring ni Kakero 1" re-print, & I see that the scanlated chapter 2 features content that's not in my books; the chapter 2 in my 2001 re-print skips the train ride, instead starting where Ryuji & Kana say goodbye, and then skips the rest of chapter 2, instead continuing a little later. Looks like the 2001 "RnK1" version excises parts of the original manga for faster pacing. According to Manga Updates the anime starts early into Volume 7, whereas my 2001 version has it starting early into volume 4, so the 2001 re-print prunes 6 volumes of content into roughly 3.5 volumes, mostly so that it can get to the "main story" that the story becomes faster. I doubt anything gets excised after that.

  10. Thanks for Ocha Nigosu, keep the good work :-)

  11. Thanks a lot for Zenigeba, are you going to do the whole thing ?