Friday, 17 May 2013

Double Entendre: Heads Up

Momo translating all these doujins. Except that's Nodoka. Stop.
After a 2+ year hiatus, Project Hump Me! has finally resurfaced with a strong upcoming lineup of titles, completing them by request. If you have any requests for various doujinshi please message me via my twitter account. We will pretty much do anything under 30 pages without a problem, just be aware that anything with adult content will not be released on this website, it will go to Project Hump Me! and vice-versa.

Feel free to check out our first release in two years on the Hump Me website. Happy fappin'

MomoDoubleSpoiler: We are still working on actual manga, Yazawa has just been a lazy shitbag lately. Expect Genki, Hanza, and Riku soon.



  1. Great news, waiting then for Genki, thank you very much, people

  2. thank you so much i always waiting manga ganbare genki and i hope see end this manga